Iris is my  2009 female het Blonde T+ Albino. She is a lovely snake, but was very nervous when I first acquired her. She seemed to be hugely underweight compared to her brother, Murdoch. Initially she was a reluctant feeder, only drop feeding at night, and would sometimes go for several weeks without feeding. Once out of the viv, she would roam urgently around the garden, and would not keep still.

She has slowly built up her confidence. She is much more content being out. She eats regularly and has started to strike feed. S
She has recently given me my first litter of baby boas, after being paired with my son’s Sharp Albino. The delivery of her babies was very delayed. She started showing the signs of impending birth after 105 days, and we started to get excited, and then…… nothing for nearly 6 weeks. I had almost given up on her when suddenly and without warning, she gave birth to 14 babies, and one slug.

She has been fairly stroppy since, mainly hissing, but striking out ocasionally. She’s feeding regularly now, so hopefully she will build up her body weight and calm down soon.


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