Ecuador BCI

We now have 32 Ecuador BCI, although we hope to sell most of them.

We have two female 2013 Boas, including one possible Paradox, and the rest are from a different litter from 2014. We will be advertising the ones we are selling shortly, but it is very difficult to decide which ones to let go and which ones to keep


South American Boas

Corn Island Boas

We are very pleased to welcome a 2013 pair of Corn Island Boas to our collection.
These are the result of a US/European breeding. They have a fabulous pink belly and flushing to the sides. Unfortunately it is very hard to accurately capture their colours in photos.

Corn Island Boa

Hamm Show

We attended our first show at Hamm this September. We had already chosen a pair of 2014 Costa Rican Boas from Island Boas


a pair of Ecuadorian Boas, which still remain rare in collections. These were originally bred by Fritz Mullender


While there we also picked up an unrelated pair of Surinam Boas, and an El Salvador Boa

End of Summer update

It’s been a busy old summer, so busy in fact that I have not had time to update this site.

New acquisitions to the collection have included an adult pair of Caulker Cay Boas. We were advised that the female was 100% gravid, but it is quite clear that she is not. However, we will get her ready for breeding for the end of the year. We also bought a trio of adult Tarahumara Boas, two females and one male. Again we hope to have one pair ready for the end of the year.


We were able to swop a trio of our 2014 pastel babies for an adult pair of spotted pythons. I really don’t know why these very small snakes are not more popular in the hobby. They are a beautiful pair, easy to handle, very small, but very inquisitive.

Immediate future plans include a pair of 2013 Corn Island Boas, a pair of 2013 Ecuadorian Boas, and a 2014 pair of Costa Rican Boas. We are very excited at these prospects as they significantly broaden our collection.

Breeding this year has been a little disappointing after the excellent start with the Pastel/Sharp pairing and the Sand Boas. Our pairing of Coral and Salmon did not result in anything, nor did our Pastel/Hog Pairing. However, we have witnessed multiple locks between our Motley and Hypo Jungle. We also believe that our pair of het Blonde Albinos may be parents, as the female is beginning to swell up.


On a sadder note, our female Jungle passed away, unfortunately as a result of complications in her pregnancy. This is a big disappointment as she was one of our favourite snakes. Sadly these things happen.


We will be attending our first show in Hamm in September, and are really looking forward to it, not just because we are collecting the Costa Rican and Ecuadorian Boas, but also to meet up with some of the breeders we have been corresponding with.