2013 male Ghost

2013 male Ghost


June Update

Most of the DH Blonde Albino babies are now eating normally. 4 are still a little reluctant. I am still waiting for the second shed, then I plan to photograph them and get them ready for sale. The Sand boas still are not eating. It’s not a major concern at the moment, but obviously I would like them to start. 

In terms of improving the collection, I have already bought a male 2013 Ghost, possibly Super, which I will pair up with one of the Hypo Anerys in a couple of years time. I’ve also put down a deposit on a couple of Sabogae, Pearl Island Boas, also 2013, which I will pick up at Kempton in August.

I keep saying it, and obviously don’t mean it, but that should be it for now. Still, if we start selling our own Boas soon, we should have enough money and space to buy a few more at Kempton. I also want to have a trip to La Ferme Tropicale in Lille before the end of the year.