2013 plans

I have resolved not to buy any more snakes this year, but of course that does not stop me thinking about next year.

I really like the het blood I bought a few weeks ago, and I may well go for another next year, perhaps a female. This would then give me the option of breeding together , or crossing with a Hog Island. I am also thinking of putting the male with my Stripe, hoping to import the abberrant patterns of the Stripe into a blood offspring.

I am planning on concentrating on Nicaraguan Boas next year. I particularly want a male T+ to go with my female. I am also thinking of going for an Anery and a Hypo, with a view to producing some Nic Ghosts.



I re-introduced Alfie, the male Sharp Albino to Iris, my female Blonde Albino yesterday. I am still a little concerned about Alfie as he has not shown any interest in feeding now for three months, and has lost a lot of weight. However, he immediately showed interest in Iris, tongue flicking over her body, tail rubbing up and down her, and this morning, they were very definitely locked together.

Hopefully we will ahve some babies next year from them. I am also looking at my female Hog Island Boa, Aria, who has increased in weight quite steadily over the past few months. She is still a little way off, but I think she may be ready by December, and then I will have to decide which male to put her with, either a Salmon Pastel or another Hog Island.