October Update

I have been mildy concerned about my male Blonde Albino and my son’s two adult males as none of them have been eating recently. The Sharp Albino in particular has not shown any interest in his food for 2 months now, and has lost a little muscle tone.

However, he and my female Blonde Albino have now started locking together so hopefully we could have some babies from their union in four months or so.

My female Hog Island has shown signs of a thickening abdomen, but it is perhaps too early to say whether she will be ready to breed this year. I will leave it a month to 6 weeks before deciding.

Rather surprisingly my female Nicaraguan, who is a 2010, and therefore not ready to breed this year has very quickly increased weight, going from 800 to 1400 g in just a couple of months.  There’ s not an ounce of fat on her, however.