2012 stock

I am hoping that I have finally turned the corner with my 2012 Anery and T+ Nic. They were very reluctant to feed at first, and then they reluctantly started feeding once I started to slit the throats of the DF mice. They’ve both struck first time without my mutilating their prey for the last two weeks, and have both put on approximately 35g in the last three weeks.

The Anery is still a little shy and reluctant to come out of his box, which the T+is very keen to come out and reluctant to go back in.

The two 2012 Hypo Anerys are both feeding and shedding well, and putting on weight nicely.

I am still waiting to collect my Hypo Jungle, but hopefully I should be able to pick him up at the end of September.



I am hoping to have two breeding pairs at the end of this year. My 2009 Hog Island Boa, Aria, and the 2009 Blonde Albino, Iris are both a little small for their age, and I was wondering whether either would be ready. However, they have both been growing steadily, so I think that by November, they both should be ready.

I am planning to put Aria with my son’s Kubsch Pastel, who is an intense chestnut brown with lots of dark pink, a really gorgeous creature, which hopefully will produce some het sunsets. I am hoping for at least one male to put to my current 2011 female, Souki in a few year’s time. ┬áIf Iris continues to grow as she is, I would hope to put her with my son’s Sharp Albino to create Mystics, but if we think she is still a little small, we will put her with my male Nic. She’s T+ and he is het T+ so it should be a good pairing.