Feeding Issues

Dmitri, my male Anery, and Butterscotch, my female T+ Nic have been reluctant feeders sinceĀ  I first bought them, and have been a contstant source of worry. Dmitri took several weeks before he would first take a rat pup, and when he did, I thought that he would then be fine. But he then steadfastly refused anything for three weeks. Butterscotch has not eaten since I bought her, a month ago. Last week, they both took a mouse fuzzy, both taking with a strike, so I am hoping that they will now take mroe regularly.


Emma Bovary, My DM Stripe, remains my other problem feeder. She is quite abit older, and so it is surprising that she is such a reluctant feeder. I will just have to perservere with her.



Dmitri, my new male Anery Boa, has finally shed, and is looking fantastic in his new skin. I am hoping that he will now start to eat more regularly, after a very slow start.

I never cease to be amazed at how small Boas start, and how quickly they grow, particularly after the 1st year.