2012 Stock

I’ve also started building up the 2012 stock, with 2 Anery boas.

The first one, Cordelia, is a double het Anery, acquired from John of  Constrictors UK, born in April 2012. The second one is yet to be named, and is a Hypo Het Anery bought from Global Geckos in Windlesham Surrey. Both are female, and so I Ill be on the look out for a male in the not too distant future.

I still hope to acquire a Nic T+ and possibly an Arabesque and a Motley this year.




I’ve picked up my 2009 Hog Island female, called Aria. I hope to breed her to my son’s Kubtsh Pastel at the end of this year. The Kubtsh has some really dark red and chestnut, so I hope the colour combination works well,


Aria is very friendly, and loves being out of her enclosure. She brings my total of Hog Island Boas up to three, and, unless I see something absolutely stunning, I am unlikely to expand this number other than through my own breeding projects. In the first year, I will be looking to produce some Hypo Hogs, and then in the following year, at least one litter of pure Hog Island, with Jim being the Sire, and either Pam or Aria his partner.

New Arrivals

So they’ve arrived, the male and female Blonde T+ Albinos. Although the male came with a reputation for being “feisty”, in fact so far, he has been very calm. The female is very active, moving along the lawn far more than the other snakes.

Also joining the collection is the d/h ghost boa, as 2012. She seems so small compared to the others, but I’m sure will grow quickly enough.

Website Development

I’ve been tidying up my website recently, moving things about and filling in some missing spaces. I’m now feeling more confortable with it and will start to promote it properly very soon.

I’ve got several new snakes coming over the new few weeks, and will begin to start formulating my breeding plans for the next few years. I plan to acquire 5 possibly 6 more snakes this year,  and hope that I will then have the basis for a good breeding programme. After that, pretty much any new Boa I obtain should be home bred.

Breeding Plans

Slowly putting together my breeding plans for the next few years. Currently my oldest snakes are from 2010, and  will therefore be too young for this year, but at a pinch may be ready for 2013.

I am planning on acquiring a pair of 2009 Blonde Albinos (apparently bred by Peter Rice) in the next week or so, so could look to breed this year, possibly putting the female Blonde with a Sharp Albino owned by my son.

Looking further down the line, I have ordered a female D/H ghost boa (2012), and hope to take on a Nic T+ Motley and a Male Sunset.

I am therefore hoping that 2012 and 2013 will be my learning curve and then I should really start in 2014 and have big push in 2015.