All three Boas have shed recently, Joan first, Meridian secondly, and Leonard recently. All looking great for Christmas.


Cold Weather

The cold weather is always a worry for us. Our snakes are housed in a shed in the garden. The shed is insulated and heated. (In fact it’s the warmest of all of the rooms in theĀ  house – not even the new granddaughter has all day heating!). Last week we had a panic when the heating failed, and we had to rush everything into the house to keep them warm.

Last Christmas day the heating failed for several hours and we found the snakes literally frozen stiff. We were able to thaw them out and only lost one, but it was a very worrying time.

Demonstration at London Meridian College

We had a very enjoyable demonstration with the international students of London Meridian College in Archway. We took 10 snakes with us, from our 2011 Boas to our Granite Burmese Python. We had the usual reaction of students terrified of even the smallest Boa at the beginning but wanting their picture taken with Lily, our BP, by the end.

A very successful demonstration, which we hope to repeat in the New Year.